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Aspire Higher Academy & The World of Work

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About PrimaryPreneur

PrimaryPreneur is an enterprise, employability and entrepreneurial teaching/learning resource designed for primary school children, aimed to develop and enhance their entrepreneurial, employability and enterprise skills.

We believe that early intervention is essential in ensuring the next generation have the skills & abilities and opportunities to find work or further training. The sooner enterprise and entrepreneur skills are taught and developed in children, this will reduce the risk of school leavers becoming NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training).

PrimaryPreneur Characters

The pupils learn through the PrimaryPreneur characters

Learn useful information, develop thinking and acquire skills and attributes of characters   

The PrimaryPreneur programme encourages personal development and aims to raise aspirations, improve pupils confidence, develop self esteem and ambition.

The PrimaryPreneur program will result in pupils to being more equipped to be successful in the areas of enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Raise aspirations

Improve pupils confidence and instil a ‘can do’ attitude

Develop their self esteem and ambition

Teach pupils valuable transferable life skills